Moringa Facial Soaps

Moringa Oil Facial Soaps

I have made a couple new facial soaps that I am really excited about! Actually face and body! This particular batch is made with a new soap formula which is even more moisturizing and made with a very special oil. Moringa oil!

First, I love these smaller flower shaped soaps for facial soaps. They are easy to use, fit nicely in your hand and last a very long time when stored properly. I have only used my facial soaps since I started making soap 6 years ago. I have had problems with acne all of my life, well, since a teenager. I have spent a fortune on Dermatologists and prescription medications. They all dried out and irritated my skin!

That all ended with using my own soap instead of commercial or prescription face washes. I had never been able to use moisturizers either which the dermatologist said I should, but everything I tried made my skin breakout. I also can’t use commercial lip balm for the same reason, but that is another story. I started making my own facial serum and yes my skin loves this moisturizer. Now my skin is baby soft and no breakouts.

So back to the soap! I am excited about this new formula! It contains some of my favorite oils, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Olive oil. But I have added in Moringa Oil to top it off! I keep this sensitive oil refrigerated, as you can see from the condensation on the bottle.

I grew this little Moringa plant from seed! A good friend of mine brought seeds from India and I started several plants. I need to give it a little more love but it is a hardy plant. It needs a lot of sun and hot conditions. I keep it in a south window in the winter and it does fine. These plants, also called Drumstick Trees, Miracle Trees and Ben Oil Trees , are considered to be a superfood and are well known to the people of India. Every part of the tree is full of nutrients and minerals with amazing health benefits. The tiny leaves and seed pods are used in soups and curries, as well as, dishes like Sambhar and drumstick pickles. The leaves add both flavor and nutrients and can be used in everyday cooking!

Moringa Oil is not used in the average bar of soap, because it is a specialty oil. It can be found but you have to look a little harder. This oil contains numerous phytonutrients, amino acids and minerals. These skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, Vitamin C which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin E which has healing and anti-inflammatory benefits are great additions to soap. Moringa oil also has anti-bacterial qualities which helps to clear blackheads and pimples reducing acne breakouts. All of these things are said to help clear minor skin problems, reduce pore size and tighten the skin. It is unclear how much of these nutrients come through in the soap making process, but it can’t hurt, right? Especially, if you apply a face and body cream or facial serum to your clean skin! The best part is that these nutrients are added naturally to your soap and not by chemical additions.

Out of the bottle this oil has a earthy scent but the added essential oils will easily be the star. Above, in the first photo, the fragrance is Lavender and Peppermint essential oils for a clean refreshing fragrance. I have added a purple mineral mica for white and purple swirled sunflowers! So pretty! The second soap, see below, also smells refreshing and uplifting. It is one of my absolute favorite blends of Eucalyptus and Spearmint essentials oils. These have a green mica swirl and were poured in a chrysanthemum mold.

Spearmint and Eucalyptus

The smaller size of these flower soaps allows them to fit really nicely in your hand. The Moringa oil helps to make a softer soap which is more moisturizing to your skin. Both of these things make them my go to daily facial soaps, but they are great for your body as well. Too many people are asking for these! So I am happy that I have replenished my stocks! Daily use encourages healthier looking young and radiant skin. All natural soaps are so much better for your skin! Enjoy!

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